The Blanket

  She felt him in her thoughts with comfort, the way she might snuggle down under her favorite blanket on a cold winter day. Warmth, trust and hope surrounded her feelings for him. She welcomed the support and comfort she found in him, the joy of sharing both old and new experiences. It was easy to imagine the future with him. She thought that was enough to call it love.

But sometimes she wondered.

Testing the idea like a swimmer testing the water, a little at a time, she turned her thoughts to life without him. She searched her feelings for pain or denial of the possibility. She found neither and wondered what that meant. She stepped further into the question, waiting for feelings of loneliness or fear. Where were they? She felt instead a drop of guilt, and regret. She knew those were all she could summon. Deep in her heart, she remained apart, alone, individual. Crystal clear, she wrapped the knowledge away under a warm, soft blanket.


2003 Sonja Torres

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