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Are you tired of drinking bad tasting water?  Do you want to stop spending your hard earned money on bottled water?  If so, Elite water filtration system is the right product for you.  Elite Enterprise Company specializes in designing, manufacturing, and selling the only Elite water filtration system in the market. The Elite water filtration system is attached on each of our specially designed water bottles and it offers the latest technology 1 micron water filtration system with absolute pore size – all pores are the same size.  It filters 99.8% of all impurities!

The Elite water filtration system is certified by Academy of Science Preventing Disease Department and Bureau of Environmental Sanitation. This water filtration system reaches the ANSI 42 and ANSI 53 standard, which will eliminate the chlorine water taste and other impurities such as aluminum, arsenic, cadmium, chromium, copper, lead, mercury, zinc, and other dangerous heavy metals. 
Elite water filtration system will allow you to filter up to 200 gallons, or more than 1000 re-fills of water, without having to replace the filtration system.  Now you will no longer have to boil your drinking water on your camping expedition or while traveling in foreign countries when you have our Elite water filtration system.

With all the steps we take to live a healthier life, why not take a small step that will go a long way.  Elite water filtration system will allow you to drink faucet water without drinking all of the impurities.  Stop wasting your hard earned money on bottle water and let Elite Enterprise Company be your “Global Water Buddy”.


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