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Important Ordering Information

Thank you for choosing Elite Enterprise products. So that we can assure you the very best service and to make sure your order is both timely and accurate, please follow these guidelines when ordering.


Confirmation on imprinted orders is sent via fax prior to production.  A failure to alert the Elite Enterprise Company of any order discrepancy upon receipt of this acknowledgement transfers the responsibility for said discrepancy to the distributors. 


Pricing is as shown in the catalog and is effective beginning 01/01/03.  Pricing is subject to change without notice.  Please inform!


Contact our customer service for pricing on quantities larger than shown in catalog.


Cancellations will be subject to a minimum $85 (u) charge, plus any and all costs incurred above this charge.  Changes to order-in-progress will incur additional costs as applicable.  Contact customer service for the specifics to your order. 


Art work changes will incur a $60 (u) charge per hour.


Product specifications as shown throughout this catalog are accurate to the best of our ability.  We cannot take any responsibility for any misinterpretations that may arise.  If you have a question, please ask to avoid any misunderstandings.


Less than Minimum – a $50 (u) charge will apply on imprinted orders that fall below the catalog priced quantities.  Absolute minimum on imprinted bottle is 24 units.  Please contact our customer service for detail information.    


Please specify imprint location when ordering.


Art Requirements


Camera-ready, black and white or color separated art is required.  We prefer that the art is actual size.  Maximum size acceptable for #166 is "3 ½" x "4", #266 is "3" x "3".  The Elite Enterprise Company reserve the right to determine what constitutes camera-ready art. When suitable art is not received we will adapt what has been received to camera-ready art at an hourly rate of $65 (u).  If this conversion is necessary, your approval will be required.  A failure to supply camera-ready art may affect our stated delivery time.


Personalization is not available.


We can accept electronic art.  Send a 3.5” floppy disk, PC compatible.  Please send your file in one of the following formats:  Adobe Illustrator, Illustrator EPS or CorelDraw.  When sending art via e-mail, do not compress files. 


Make-Ready Charges


A screen charge applies.  The cost is shown on each product page and applies for each color and each position of imprint.  For example, if you imprint on front of the bottle with two colors of imprint and the bottle carry bag with a different imprint which used three colors, you would incur 5 screen charges.  If, however, both chair and bag received identical imprint – same size, etc. – you would incur only screen charges for one item.  For a one color imprint, 1 screen charge; two color of imprint, 2 screen charges, etc.


Standard colors of imprint


White * Black * Metallic Gold (871) * Metallic Silver (877) * Red (185, 186, 200, 202, 485) * Blue (286, 294, 300) * Yellow (116) * Golden Yellow (136, 1235) * Green (348, 354, 3302) * Purple (2265) * Teal (321) * Orange (173)


For exact PMS color match add $25 (t) per color.


Custom Product Colors


Majority of our product can accept custom colors.  For example; On item #166 and #266, the cup, lid, and body can be made in colors other than those shown and listed within this catalog.  Contact factory for quantities and production times required.


Noted:  Colors shown on this website are reproduced as faithfully as the creation process allows.  Exact product matches cannot be guaranteed due to viewing variables and browser differences.  In every instance, any variables you may incur will be within acceptable industry standards. 




Paper proofs are available at no charge; standard is a black and white photocopy of the finished or converted art.  Allow five working days to fax.


Production time is the number of working days required to set up and produce the order.  Time begins with the receipt of camera-ready art for clients with approved credit or approved terms of payment.  Based on catalog products and catalog quantities, finished orders are turned over to a recognized carrier within 7 to 10 working days.  Custom or large quantity orders require factory consultation.


Rush Order – Please call customer service for consultation. 


Pre-production samples are available at an additional cost.

Additional production time is required.




Freight charges are pre-paid and added to the invoice FOB our Washington State warehouse.  When no specific shipping method is specified, the Elite Enterprise Company will determine the best shipping method based on time, destination and weight.  Common carrier, UPS, FedEx, DHL, Airborne Express shipments will be used.  Other shipping services not commonly used by the Elite Enterprise Company will require a completed Air Bill/Bill of Lading and billing accommodations to a third party. 


Drop ship/Split ship charges apply to the second and all subsequent drop or split shipments.  An $12 (u) charge applies to each such release, plus applicable freight charges.  Further charges may be necessary to cover additional packing materials and labor for shipments not in full cartons. 


UPS, FedEx, DHL, Airborne Express Third Party and COD shipments are not available. 


Individual shipping cartons are available at an additional cost. 


Freight claims must be initiated by the recipient.  Goods are shipped at the buyer’s risk, with the title passing to the recipient at the FOB point.  The Elite Enterprise Company is unable to guarantee on-time delivery or the safety of goods once turned over to a recognized carrier.  All claims must be made by the recipient against the appropriate carrier within 10 days.  We must receive notice of your claim, in writing, within 7 days.  In every instance it is essential that all original shipping cartons, packing materials, and damaged products be retained by the recipient until the claim is settled.


Return products will not be accepted without written consent and return authorization number issued by the Elite Enterprise Company. 




Authorization is assumed to be transferred to the Elite Enterprise Company by the distributor and its client regarding the use of any and all trademarks presented to us for reproduction.  The Elite Enterprise Company assumes no responsibility in trademark or copyright disputes.


Examples showing logos, designs, insignias, and all trademarks placed on our products in this catalog are to serve only as examples of our imprinting techniques.  They are not presented for resale, nor are they to be construed as product or brand name endorsements by or for the trademark owners.

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