This page is dedicated to my son Troy Torres, Jr. This work is his.

Thank you son for teaching me the lessons only a child can teach, and for the joy and pride that only a mother can know.

the dance

The dancer stands alone
His body clothed in light
Beads of light wrap his wrist
He waits
The music begins to flow
He starts to move
He feels the beats surround him
The lights spin to life as he suddenly moves
The dancer moves through the beat and with the beat
The beat moves through and with him
He is the music
He is the dance

His eyes lock with hers
She joins him
The dancers become one dancer
They move and flow together like lovers in the thralls of passion
The dance consumes them
They don't see
They don't feel
They feel only the music and each other
They can't stop
Locked intimately in the music now
The music has possessed them
In the light they are naked
Just two souls moving and merging
This is the dance
The music slows
Then quickens
The dance climaxes
The dancerlovers meet on some middle ground only they see
The music slows again
The two are truly alone now
As the song ends they now stand together
Clothed only in light
Bands of color swirl slowly to a stop about their wrists
The dancerlovers separate never to meet again
The dance is over

2004 Troy D. Torres, Jr


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