She thought she might meet him some time. It was a small, tarnished hope that struggled like a weed in rocky soil. The subject had come up once or twice. There were complications of course, and they were not small, not the least of them her feelings and his, as different as future and past.
Her thoughts strode forward anyway, to a time and place when the impossible might be possible. She moved slowly, resisting yet eager, trapped in the dream. She went, reaching out with all her senses, for she knew his voice,  his scent, even the touch of his hand. Cautiously, she stepped, listening, wondering, knowing...His voice reached her before he might see her. She smiled. He sounded happy. She was relieved, but shaken. Creeping forward on legs grown somehow weak, she let her eyes rest on him though still he could not see her.
  The place had flowers. She stopped and looked at them. They chided her with their bright silken petals. Their sweet, gentle colors slapped her face and painted her back into reality. She remembered why he sounded so happy. Though she tried to smile, her eyes could not. She turned away and left.
 Denial. Acceptance. Unnoticed.


ŠSMT 2001

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