Various Sites Around Berlin-Ku'damm & Unter den Linden

Not much to look at from the outside, but Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church on the Ku'damm shows you its true colors inside, in glorious detail! There is a gallery inside that has pictures of the Church before it was bombed to destruction in WW2. The church was repaired only enough to make it safe and left as a war memorial while a brand new church in a modern architectural style was built next to it. Click here for a pic of the two churches together. That combination of side by side old and new is the most marked characteristic of the city of Berlin and its citizens.

This was an original door handle from the old KW Church

Detail from the tower ceiling at Kaiser Wilhelm Church

Here is the interior of the new Church. I really love the cobalt blue glass.

We continued our sightseeing expedition and strolled past the Dom and some government buildings. The sidewalks were bustling with tour groups and strollers on the nice sunny day.
   click for larger image

 This statue is one of many scattered all over Berlin

Eventually our stroll down the famed Unter den Linden Street brought us to "The Cars". I first noticed the classic Winged B logo and stopped to see if indeed it sheltered a car near and dear to my heart, the Bentley. Much to our astonishment and joy, not only was there a Bentley, but there were two, and old and new, just as is be proper in Berlin.

Click to see the specs on this vintage car

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And then, something sleek and shiny caught our eye, an incredible creation, a veritable feast of beauty and mechanics, the 1001 horsepower Bugatti...

Bugatti side view

Bugatti power specs

Eventually, we wandered home again, passing Classic Bike, a Harley dealership we are fond of and were pleased to discover had moved only 2 blocks away from where we were staying.
Troy at Classic Bike


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*background image is from a photo of Berlin's stone cobbled streets taken by Troy Torres.