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Something Must Be Done...

Part 7: A New Day

2007 Sonja Torres

Gil Galion thought about what he'd seen by the road as he made his way toward town. His memory was long but he didn't recall ever seeing anything like those tracks. Whatever made them was large. He held up one of the broken arrows with its blunted point. 'And tough'' he thought. If arrows didn't penetrate it, that was a problem. He wracked his brain trying to think of a way to make his primary weapon effective against...whatever it was.

As the mountain walls gave way to milder hills, his horse kicked a rock in the path and sent it shooting off to CLACK against a boulder. As the echo died away, an idea shaped itself in Gil's mind with crystal bright clarity. He needed to find a jeweler...

A few questions and a short while later, the elf stood in the shop of Jimthan, rumored to be the best jeweler in Reedle. Gil hoped it was true, for the man wasn't much to look at. The jeweler was shorter than the elf by a head, and thin as a stick without an ounce of muscle to give him the lean feline grace of the elf.

His eyes, however, were quick and sharp as he spoke, "Good day sir. What can I do for you?"

"Good day to you," Gil replied. "I have a special request I was hoping you could help me with..."

"Well I'm not in the market to purchase any stones just now, but I have some fine pieces in stock. These cloak pins are exceptional, or perhaps you need something nice for a lady?" Jimthan's voice held a hint of eagerness. Business had been dismal since the attacks had disrupted trade.

"No, no...nothing like that. I need something custom made. Do you have any industrial grade diamonds?"

The jeweler looked surprised. "Why?"

Gil explained while the jeweler listened with interest. Although the request was unusual, Jimthan was intrigued, and appreciated the challenge, as well as the business.

"Can you make two dozen of them?" Gil asked.

Jimthan shook his head. "Sorry son, much as I wish I could, my specialty is fine jewelry, even in good times I'd not stock that many low grade diamonds, and for what you want, they have to be large as well. I might be able to come up with 10 or so, and it'll take time to shape them."

Gil made an effort to hide his disappointment. Only ten? Would that be enough? "How much time?"

The jeweler though for a moment, "Come back in three days."

"I understand you need time for this, but I need to work with them after I get them from you. Will you have at least some of them done tomorrow so I can get started?" the archer asked.

"I guess that'd be all right. Come back tomorrow then, and I'll give you what's finished."

They haggled over a price and eventually agreed to a rather inflated one. The elf paid it without complaint, knowing times were tight for these people, and that these arrowheads might mean the difference between life and death when he needed it most.

His business finished, the archer headed back to the inn. His morning's questions had not only led him to the jeweler, but also to a quest, and he wanted to meet the other members of the group Bentir had told him about.

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