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Something Must Be Done...

Part 8: Preparations

2007 Sonja Torres

Gil returned to the inn seeking those who were to be his companions on the quest, but when he asked the innkeeper, was told they had gone to the stable and had left word he should meet them there. He thanked the innkeeper and followed the path that led to the stables behind the inn. As he approached, he heard two men talking, discussing horses like old friends, or perhaps like a pair of merchants discussing trade. In Darokin, it often amounted to the same thing.

The pair looked up as the elf approached, their conversation breaking off as natural wariness took over. It was short-lived, however, as introductions were made. Slipping into the roles of compatriots about to begin a quest, Greywarden, Lucio and Gil began discussing plans for the day. Although they were eager to get started, they understood the need for careful planning. When Gil explained that he couldn't pursue the attacker until his new arrows were ready, they all agreed that perhaps a good start would be to take stock of the supplies the Guild had gathered, and, taking a cue from the elf's preparations, they would also see about getting some sturdier weapons that could do better than the blunted arrows they had found at the attack site. Having reached an agreement, they set off together to see Bentir and request a review of the supplies.

Bentir greeted them amiably, but with bad news. "I see you three have found each other. Good! I'm sorry to say that the woman who was with us last evening has decided not to join you, so it looks like you three will stand alone. I hope that doesn't deter you from the mission?"

"No sir," Greywarden spoke up. "We will do as we promised. We actually came by to see if we could have a look at the supplies, so we can see what else we might need to help us prepare."

"Certainly!" Bentir agreed with a smil. "Follow me."

The Guildmaster led the trio deeper into the guild hall, eventually coming to a long hallway with several doors on either side. He led them to one, produced a key and opened it, revealing a small storage room with a neatly arranged gathering of goods.

"This is everything the townspeople could be persuaded to give for you. I hope it will serve you well."

Lucio and Greywarden stepped closer to the array of supplies. "I'm sure we can make do," commented Lucio.

"I have just one question," Greywarden spoke up. "Are there any healing potions here?"

Bentir thought for a moment then strode to a package that rested next to a small chest. "Yes, I believe so..." He handed the package to the carpenter. "I believe this is a healing kit with bandages, herbs and some potions."

Lucio then stepped forward, his eyes straying to the chest. "I have a question also. There are some items we will need to buy. May we have a bit of money in advance so that we can do that?"

"I suppose that would be all right," replied the Guildmaster. He removed a chain from around his neck and fitted a small key that hung from it into the lock on the chest. It opened with barely a sound, revealing a cache of coins and a few sparkles that hinted of gems. He lifted out a pouch and handed it to Lucio. "Is there anything else you need from me?"

The group exchanged a few more questions and answers about the locations and descriptions of other attacks on local farms, and directions to the blacksmith.

When they finished their queries, Bentir took his leave saying, "If you'll excuse me, I have work to do, so I'll leave you to your inventory. Let me know when you leave so I can lock this back up." With that, the Guildmater was gone, shutting the door behind him.

Alone now with their supplies, the three companions took careful stock of the offerings of the Merchants' Guild. The supplies were well varied, including plenty of food for both men and horses, clothing and trail supplies. There was little in the way of weapons however, so the group gathered a few trail items to supplement what they already had, divided up the healing supplies, and exitid the Guild Hall, paying their respects to Bentir on their way out.

Armed with funds and knowledge, the group agreed to split up and attend to their various needs and meet back up in the evening, with the elf opting to go check on the progress of his arrow heads and work on getting his new arrows made while the two humans headed for the blacksmith shop.

At the smithy, Lucio explained what they wanted: extra-hard spearheads, tough enough to pierce armor. Although intrigued by the request, the blacksmith explained that he could not do all that they needed. "I'm a simple blacksmith, my good fellow, not a weapon-maker. I can make you the rough-finished extra hard metal you require, but you'll need to see the weapon-maker to have proper spearheads fashioned from it."

Disappointed but not deterred, Lucio and Greywarden agreed and a bargain was struck. Once again, there was little they could do but wait.

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