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Something Must Be Done...

Part 5: Questions

2007 Sonja Torres & Aric Olsen, with thanks to Paul Del Vecchio

After the Guildmaster's question, Greywarden was the first to break the moment of silence. "I have already given my word that I will try, but after hearing all this, I have a few more questions."

"Me too," said Lucio. The woman also nodded.

"Then ask. Perhaps you will jog another memory or two loose in this old skull." Bentir's smile was tired, but kindly.

Lucio began, "You mentioned that some farms had been hit, and that only animals were taken at one. Did the farmers see anything and did anyone investigate any of these?"

"No one saw anything; it happened at night when everyone was sleeping. Some cows in a pasture were taken," replied Bentir. "But now that you ask, I do recall hearing that the ground was torn up as you described by the road, and another farmer complained at a council meeting that some of his cashew trees had been completely uprooted."

"We should go look at those farms," commented the woman. "How long ago was this?"

"The council meeting was a week ago," came the answer.

Greywarden nodded, then directed his questions to Lucio. "About the place by the road...I noticed the spot from up on a hill not too far away. Tell us more about it. You said you didn't find any goods left. Could you tell who might have taken them or if there were more than one of the large creatures?"

Lucio looked thoughtful as he concentrated on his memory of the place. "The rain had washed some smaller tracks away, as well as some of the blood spatter, but I did see some that looked a few days fresher near the wagon remains, something small, like foxes and kobolds, maybe. I believe there was only one thing making the large prints."

"What about signs of magic?" asked the female. "Were there scorch marks or anything?"

Again Lucio searched his mind's eye, visualizing the details of dirt, rock, plant and wreckage, and always the horrible pools of blood, but then... "Yes...yes, I remember on one tree trunk, there was a mild burn, but nothing charred."

"One thing that really bothers me," Greywarden said, "is that there are no survivors. I don't understand how that is possible. Surely someone must have been able to escape! Didn't you see any tracks of anyone running away?"

Lucio remembered well what he had seen. "They never made it...I saw tracks leading away, and then they too vanished, in another puddle of blood."

At last they all fell silent, each one lost in his or her own thoughts.

Bentir knew from the determined looks on each of their faces that they would take up the challenge. But will they survive? he wondered.

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