Windy Whispers


The hazy morning clouds part like a virgin's veil to reveal a perfect sky. She smiles and steps outside, stretching her arms out wide, embracing the warm sun. The playful wind tugs at her skirt, peeking underneath, then runs away to make mischief in the trees. The leaves giggle at their errant friend and watch him run away, kicking papers and sailing birds through the scented air.

  She tilts her face up to the sun, eyes closed. His hands caress her cheeks. The jealous wind hears her sigh and returns to claim his own. His fingers lift her hair, capturing the golden sun in each silky strand. She teases back, spinning lightly round until her flowing flowered skirt flies out, a halo at her legs. Dizzy, she falls laughing to the ground, skirt forgotten, but not by the wind. Encouraged by the watching sun, he whips the willing cloth about, laying it aside in flutters. She lets it go, enraptured anew by bright sunny kisses where her knees reach for the sun. She looks up into the golden face and blue eyes of her world; sun, sky and wind her lovers all. She breathes deep through parted lips, feeling their life inside her. Cool grass tickles her neck as she stretches out on the green bed, windy kisses trickling through her fingers and the fiery tongue of the sun licking at her exposed skin. Arms and legs alight, she licks her lips and tastes the sky, his rain running rivers between her thighs. She returns the quickening kisses of the wind in gasps, giving back the life he shares. Soaked in sunbeams, fire fills her veins. She pants harder, trying to quench the heat with deeper draughts of air. The river courses inside, echoing her pulse, lending measured time to the melody of the always moving wind. Her breath escapes to blend with his song, alto to his tenor moan. Like seed called forth from earth, her body arches toward the sun. The body of the sky her shield, she lets him cover her. The sun enfolds her trembling body, his warmth a distant wonder. To the air she gives her thanks in whispered windy kisses as he strokes her unto dreams.

©Sonja Torres 2000

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