©Jody Bergsma

Wild Horses


Tonight the wind rushes madly against the sky, dragging clouds and leaves like chariots behind racing horses. Trees bow to the fury of the coursers as they gallop, drawing the Gods in their passionate race. We shudder and hold tight to each other, trying to escape their notice as we seek our simpler pleasures. I'd like to ride one of those wild horses some time. If I was a master thief I'd steal one and ride it to the sunrise just to savor the thrill of victory.
Riding bareback, as in the throes of passion, feel the bucking, pulsing life between your legs? Against the speeding heart-pounding pace, long manes whip their lashes against your face as you hang on for dear life, and for the love of the challenge. Hear the wind screaming past you, a lover crying out, taking you with her...Is that joyful laughter or the savoring neighs of wild horses as they carry us away to the burning sun? Wild horses could never drag me away, for I'd ride them willingly. Sit thee behind me, holding my waist with the sound of your breath surrounded by the passing wind caressing my ear. Let my hair touch and writhe against your skin as the fingers of the wind sprites braid it in their wake. Let my laughter ignite thy smile as my hands cover yours and hold thee close.
Come ride wild horses with me.

©Sonja Torres 1998
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