Exercising Demons

I feel you wake from haunted dreams
And hear you call with muffled screams
I sigh and unlock prison gates
And let loose all my fanged playmates
Come lay your claws within my hands
And make my soul your withered lands
As we dance with insane glee
Upon a plain of agony
Let's climb the fearful heights we built
And leap into our pit of guilt
Your leather wings of tarnished hope
Can lift me like the hangman's rope
While memories of my sins you sing
As within their noose I swing
Next, my demons, let's run far-
Enough to outrun every scar
But even hell is not so wide
To keep me from the pain I hide
So demons, since you're here to stay
You might as well come out to play
And exercise my darkest fears
Then shower in my bitter tears

©Sonja Torres 1999

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