Familiar Made New

If you believe in what you see, then you are believing in the creations of the past. Everything you have from here on out can be created at this moment, and it can be created differently. -Abraham Hicks

She faced him frankly, moments of their history whispering behind her eyes. She faced him with courage, her head high, like a warrior seasoned by battle. This too was a product of their past. What once was fear and pain and passion had been honed into something finer, a calm reserve. Curiosity and expectation, and yes, temptation, had brought her there. Something deeper had brought her there as well, but she had become expert at holding it down, ignoring its persistent voice. It ran through her now as a cherished melody and she allowed herself to be pleased by the beauty it retained in spite of everything. She watched him, searching his eyes, face and stance for signs of changes there as well.
She knew the eyes but could not define what lurked in them. Experience had changed the language they had once spoken to her so fluently. New lines in the face told of old pain, and fresh joy that had recently laughed much. The stance was of a man now, more secure than the boy she had once known. A stranger so familiar she held her breath stood before her, regarding her as keenly as she did him. She was aware that at least one thing had not changed. She was too aware of him. She felt his presence as surely and deeply as she felt the breath of life racing through her body. She knew him, recognized him without question. She knew also that this would never change. She could choose to accept it. Or choose to walk away. Or choose a new choice.

The moment of creation was now.

She chose to begin it with a smile. Stepping forward off the precipice, she embraced the stranger with the familiar face and trusted their hearts to know the rest.


©Sonja Torres 2005


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