Darkness In The Garden

Can you help me free the words
That live inside my eyes
Before their fragile whisper
Suffocates and dies?
Help me shed the shackles
That lock the laughter in
And keep the colors from my hands
As if they'd never been.
I want to paint the garden
That lives within my hands.
I want to grow the flowers
Of imaginary lands.
But time runs through my fingers
And slips beyond my grasp
And courage never lingers
It slithers from my clasp
Until my palette fades away
My visions all go blind
And searching like a beggar
I reach, your hands to find.
For every word you give, my friends
Is a little drop of hope
Waking colors in my mind
And strength to climb the slope
Where perhaps upon the other side
That garden may yet grow
Beneath the rainbow of your faith
From the vivid seeds you sow.
©Sonja Torres 2003
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