Donald Lopanse




 "And may the lord have mercy on your soul....."


 The hours passed, languidly.  The winds never relented the onslaught of piercing breeze.  Each minute was hell, but on he watched, he tried to remember everything he was taught in Spain, as a member of the Inquisition.  As the minutes passed, his thoughts rehearsed the many lessons he had been taught.  These were sith spawn, children of the devil, feeding off the innocent, and corrupting our world.  The schooling he had learned was all too true.  However, he didn't need to look to the undead for this.  As the cowl was pulled over his face, the numbness of the cold was far outweighed by the numbness of this truth. 

  As his thoughts drifted his train of thought off from his job, he just noticed a figure step out into the starless night.  Standing tall, her blond hair flowed in the wind, snapping and biting with each current.  Her face was delicate, but hardened.  Too beautiful he thought, too lovely for a monster.  She looked innocent, but he pushed aside these thoughts.  They were corrupt.  Behind the beauty was a thing so fiendish, the blood in  his veins froze.  His contacts had to be right.  Lars, a former priest residing in San Diego, had tracked a Vampire before and studied it.  The tales he spun, about how he froze in awe and utter fear many times in the undead's presence was all too true now.  Looking around, she studied the atmosphere.  She lifted her head, and faced his direction as if sniffing the air. In she moved, closer to the alleyway where he hid.  Wanting to scream, nothing came out.  Closer she came, and closer, as if she could smell his fear.  Then she was gone.   As the female tore off into the city streets of Dallas, he was left shivering, subduing the goose bumps all over his body.

  Finally, as the minutes passed, the effect of a Vampire being so close to him began to wear off.  If he wanted to study these 'creatures' he knew he had to not let his willpower crumble at the presence of them. 

  Upset that he had let the Vampire ride off, he reassured himself that there was another.  While the voices of mystery called to him, he knew it was better to stay and watch.  The male Vampire was still here.  He was reckless, and most likely would bring him to others of his kind if there were.  Tales of Vampire gatherings sent more chills down his spine, but the glory of bringing them to their doom outweighed the consequences he'd face.

                "You cannot hide from me, you creatures of the night.  For I am Donald Lopanse, and the Inquisition has come to place you in your final resting place."  To his feet he rose, and in he moved, to get a better view of this haven of the Vampire.  For years this priest of the Inquisition had studied, and tracked Vampires.  He knew that he had found them finally.  Finally…… he would do his service to his God.


  Alic looked at the clock on the wall.  Soon, it would be time to rest.  Day drew closer, and with the sun rays, Alic would sleep.  Day was not his forte.

  However, Donald Lopanse was a mortal.  Day was his time, and with his holy mission unfolding before him, he gained strength to last through the night.  The wind still blew hard, but deep inside of him, he knew that soon, his God's wishes would be done. 

  Like an alley cat, the priest of the Inquisition crept up the fire-escape.  With agility, he moved from shadow to shadow, making his way up the shoot.  Not a sound would be made.  In his head thoughts raced about.  Maybe he would stake this monster?  Bring its corpse back to the main headquarters, and prove to the doubters of the society, and the whole world what terrors lurk in the night!  He would be revered as a Saint.  All these thoughts blemished his concentration on what was at hand.  A loud hiss and screech from a cat sent him sprawling backwards, and Donald Lopanse almost went toppling over the side of the fire-escape. 

 Inside the apartment, the Brujah neonate heard the sounds all too well.  As he prepared for the day's slumber, it caught him by surprise.  Not thinking twice, he reached for one of his fighting knives and briskly arrived at the window.  It could have been a cat fight he told himself.  It could have been just some drunk trying to find a new home.  That would be good, as he could feed on this hapless soul during his sleep. 

  "Damn the fool to keep me from my sleep," Alic whispered harshly.

  Opening up the sliding window he leaped out onto the metal crates.  Hre looked around, his fangs pursed against his lips.   Anyone, no matter the man or Vampire who walked into his turf, would pay dearly.  Alic's confidence rose even more after he had killed that mage, or whatever he was. Leaping over the railing he landed with ease on the lower level.  Sniffing the air, something wasn't right.  No one was here at the moment, but someone had been.  It couldn't have been Dee.  Alic would have to watch his guard.  He could have tried to follow but it was getting close to sun rise.  Back Alic went into his apartment.  He'd find the fool during the night.


 Down the streets Donald Lopanse ran, never once looking back.  He'd have to come back for his car later on during the day.  He wished he hadn't run, but stayed to fight the monster.  However, watching the thing in action didn't make the thought of one on one combat sound too pleasing.  There would be better times.  He had gained a lot in these past few days, mostly this past night.  In time, he'd bring all the Vampires in this city to their knees, begging God and Donald Lopanse, Priest of the Inquisition for mercy.  None would be given.


©Sonja Torres & Nick Binder 1997

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