A Day In The Life...

My day begins somewhere between dawn and noon. Whether it's from dreams or the alarm clock, either way, the first things I usually see are my books and the morning light shining through the maple tree out the window beyond them.

  As I stumble half-asleep toward the bathroom, first thoughts of the day drifting like almost remembered dreams, my eyes pause at a picture I drew--the Biker, crossed with the eagle, both symbols of freedom to me.

Freedom Biker ©Sonja Torres 1993

The new day is mine. I'm ready to begin the drive to work. I live in a mixture of farms and natural places. A river runs along the winding road, feeding farms and the eagles that nest next to it.

Once on the freeway, the drive to work goes by fast. I smile a little as I pass the Inn at Gig Harbor, a hotel right next to my workplace that is the hub of a couple of daydreams of mine. I made the freeway sign for them at my last job.

Inn at Gig Harbor

Less than a minute later I'm at work and on the job. My cube is at the end of the hall amongst office people. I am a bit if a fish out of water, or rather, a lion out of the jungle, but I've made my little cell as homey as I can. Notice the CM.com mug on the file cabinet and my last web work-in-progress on the computer screen. Oh yeah, sometimes I actually work too. :)

But enough about that. Not soon enough, 8 hours have passed and I'm outta there! I look forward to going back across the Narrows Bridge. The morning mists have burned off by now and it rises before me like a gateway to home. The blue-green water of the Puget Sound lies beneath and around me like a sapphire blanket surrounded by islands of green. The view from the bridge is breathtaking.

Puget Sound with Narrows Bridge in the distance

I'm always amazed how green everything is here. At least our rain is good for something. It's only a short detour on the way home to go to Pt. Defiance Park, one of the largest city parks in the US.  It has a zoo, several gardens, a marina, beach and old growth forest. There is a 5-mile drive through it that takes you past most of these things. The walk along the beach is a great way to relax after a long day. There is a listening grove on the way down the beach, just off to the side. Walk with me for a few minutes. I really love this place.

stairway to heaven

restaurant on the beach

the sun can light this tree from the underside when it rises over the listening grove

Are you ready to go yet? Me neither, but the drive home is pretty too, and by now traffic will have died down a bit. The view of Mt. Rainier is actually better going home since we drive towards it now. There is a place on the river-road that curves out just right to offer a perfect view of it rising majestically above the valley. This is the same valley that on foggy mornings fills with mist and inspires dreamscapes like Mist Dancer. It looks a lot different in the summer sunlight, but for me, moonlit ghosts dance for you there still.

Not much further than that and I'm home relaxing with Nikita, my rotn siamese mix retard of a cat and hoping someday to take a special friend on this little tour for real. Until then, I'll meet you daily at the Inn and listen to your heartbeat mix with waves lapping in my dreams after a night partying at the goth club.

dressed to kill for the Catwalk goth club I hope you enjoyed your visit :)