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The Eyes of a Dreamer

The eyes of a dreamer
See something more
Than what's on the surface
And what's at the fore.

Imagine the truth
As you wish it to be
Add to the world
One more possibility.

See with your heart.
Shape with your mind.
The view of the dreamer
Is what you will find.

SMT 1997






Unspoken Legacy

Damaged deep and bittersweet
The scars you cannot see
Until you say 'Please trust in me.
Give me your heart to keep.'

The fear-built walls rise up high
How can I let you inside
To see the past I try to hide
Buried far behind my eyes.

It whispers always in my ear
The only truth I know
They always hurt you when they go
So never let them near.

What you can't see protects me
My secrets are my shield
In silent dread my love is sealed
Unspoken Legacy

SMT 1997
Reflections-this week's feature

Put away the things you feel
Hide them from the light,
But later all you've tucked away
Will find you in the night.

No armor can defend you when
Dreams break down your walls.
Besieged by your own secrets
Your battered mind soon falls.

Then in the mirror of your dreams
Truth stares back at you.
No longer hostage to your lies
You face the real you.

SMT 1997


I laugh while I cry
I live while I die
I hate what I love
I need what I hate
Cruel trick of fate
I learned it too late.

SMT 1997

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