Stranger eyes, stranger's eyes,
In the mirror, in your mind,
Seeing things you only feel,
Feeling things you have to steal...
What is strange, and what is real?
What do stranger eyes conceal?
Clear as granite, pure as coal,
Windows to a twisted soul.
Opened wide and beckoning,
See what sins lurk within.
Like a star beyond the dark,
Burns the stranger's dancing spark.
Near as patience, far as time
Are they yours or are they mine?

SMT 1998


 Luis Royo



In a slanted mirror I did see
Things stranger than I'd ever dreamed.
Fractured mirror, fractured me,
Stranger's eyes look back at me.
Through those eyes I look around.
In a stranger's life I'm bound.
How can I go back in time
To when I knew this life was mine?
Who's this stranger in my head?
There's a stranger in my bed.
Shattered glass you changed my mind
And left the old me far behind.

SMT 1997



A glance, a wave upon the shore
Followed by a touch.
The soft caress, the frothy lap-
The tide begins to rise.
Feel the swell of hands entwined,
Demanding come the waves.
Sweep away all loneliness
Carried by the flow
Of magic fingers, heated skin.
Drown the soft-kissed shore.
Rhythmic lapping soothes the soul,
Connects each sandy grain.
Bring together what was apart,
Seal the parched and lonely heart.

SMT 1997

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