Ups Nothing
--------Downs "What's wrong?" he asks
"Nothing" I say
Speak to me in words Doesn't matter anyway
Speak to me in silence You won't believe
Speak to me with smiles It's everything
Speak to me in violence. And you.
"What's wrong?" he asks
With tender thoughts I love you "Nothing" I lie
With passion how I hate you Just hopes and dreams
Come now let me heal you You'll never share
So tomorrow I can break you It's me.
"What's wrong?" he asks
Walk me down a winding path "Nothing" I hide
Into a haunted wood And meet his eyes
Then tell me that you'd lead me out To show him everything
If you only could. Inside.
Spread your arms like wings again SMT 1998
Let's fly into the night
But when the sun recalls the dawn
We crash into its light.
One step forward, two steps back
A tug-of-war of pain
To touch you is to lose you
To love you is in vain.

SMT 1998

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