Sonja Fick, Class of 1983 Curtis High School


Are you looking for Sonja Fick?

If you are looking for Sonja Fick who went to Narrows View Elementary and Curtis High School and graduated in 1983, you've come to the right place.

There are a few folks from back then who I'd love to hear from, especially Janet Beltzer who went to Narrows View with me. If you'd like to send me a note, please click here to e-mail me. 


People often tell me I still look the same.
It's not entirely true, but close enough that you may recognize the old me from this pic.

Still here? Ok, if you want to know more about how my life turned out, I still live in the Tacoma area but I'm now known as Sonja Torres. The pic below is Troy, my husband, with our 2007 Harley Davidson Dyna right after we got it. We met when I was in 10th grade, working at the March of Dimes Haunted House. We've been married since 1987. We have a son, Troy Jr., who will be 25 on October 12.

I work as a graphic artist, freelance right now. Other jobs I've held include marketing director for a travel agency, bookstore worker, Oriental rug shop helper, veterinary assistant, printing press operator, and sign maker, but I've been a graphic artist the longest, over 20 years now. My hobbies remain things I enjoyed when I was in school, especially theater, writing, motorcycles and gaming. All the writing on this website except 2 items were written by me. I often do volunteer work at Lakewood Playhouse. My dad followed in my footsteps and became the master carpenter there after he retired.

Please look around the site. Bookmark it so you can take your time. I call this writing semi-fiction, because there is lots of truth between the lines. I am in touch with many of my former classmates, so if you are looking for someone else from Narrows View or Curtis, maybe I can help. Thanks for stopping by.


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