To absent friends...

The Visit

She looked at him again, as if looking at a stranger. Time was funny that way. She let go of all the things she thought she knew and tried to start over. It never occurred to her before that this would be a difficult exercise. And yet, she discovered it was hard to see the changes in his body and mind. She had lived on memories so long that even looking right at him, she saw someone who wasn't there, someone long gone, like a ghost. She knew this was bad, so she closed her eyes and tried again, thinking of a blank chalkboard in dusty black. She opened them again and smiled, focusing on his eyes. The eyes of a stranger, full of haunted memories and paths newly trod, all mysteries to her. Yes, this made the transition easier. "Tell me where you've been," she said. She looked forward to meeting someone new.

©Sonja Torres 2004

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