Tiergarten & Victory Angel

The Victory Angel, made from and decorated by captured French cannons in the late 1800's. It used to be in another part of Berlin and was moved by the Nazis in 1939 to its current location at the visual center of the city.

Here are some cool details from the entrance to the Victory Angel.

 These two statues sit across the path from each other and depict a fox hunt.


Me and my Mom on a bridge held up by 4 lions across a bit of lake in the Tiergarten

I liked the way the late afternoon sun silhouetted the trees.

And the collection of refitted gas lamps at the edge of the park. I'm always amazed at the gorgeous detailed ironwork all over this city, most of it created in the 1800's. Notice it on the railing behind the lamp as well.


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*background image is from a photo of Berlin's stone cobbled streets taken by Troy Torres.