He stirred beside her, letting a tiny draft under the covers. She scrunched down, burrowing deeper into the blankets. Somewhere amidst the haze of night thoughts wandering like shadows among dreams, she thought she heard music.
  He got up and walked around the bed to turn the radio alarm off. He hoped it hadn't woken her and tried to move quickly in the cold darkness. As he rounded the end of the bed, something soft wrapped around his foot. He looked down and saw a pile of blankets on the floor. He clicked the radio off and bent to retrieve them.
  He tried to see her face, but it was hidden by pillows and the comforter she held tightly to her. Tousled hair was all that peeked out. He spread her extra blankets back over her then went on about his morning routine.
  She felt the weight of the blankets spread over her. She smiled as warmth returned slowly, but it wasn't from the blankets.

©Sonja Torres 2001


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