A candle flickers into a hundred little sunbeams drifting through the dark. They play on the walls and on her face. She lies back and wonders where he is. Idly trailing her fingers, she wonders what he's doing. Fingers to flesh, she remembers. Heat. Palm flat across her stomach, she wonders what he feels like now. She wonders what he feels. Butterflies. They never like that question, and flutter fast behind her belly button when she's excited, and when she wonders. And when her hand follows a candle flicker over her leg and remembers. Oh yes, it's a wonder, what she remembers. Desire. She lifts her hand in front of her face and watches it shake. Why does it still do that sometimes? She wonders. It stops though, when she rests it over the butterflies, and remembers. She strokes them, and feels him. She wonders if he knows. Is he dreaming right now, she wonders, like he sometimes does. Her hands wander while she wonders, just in case he is. She could keep going, until the trembling moves past her hands, into her body, beyond her thoughts, seeking his. When the shudders cease, and she whispers his name, will he hear her? She wonders...

2004 Sonja Torres                                          
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